Strategic Planning


Only from a vantage point founded on traditional banking values and proper risk management can community banks forge strategic plans dynamic enough to withstand any economic cycle. Through the decades, S&B has perfected the facilitation of this very critical and highly customized process.

S&B's strategic planning process takes your board and management team from the baseline projection of value through the eventual retreat and final documentation. S&B's strategic planning process is featured in the book The Art of Strategic Planning and includes the following integral components:

  • •  Determining what your responsibility is and what you need to know before you get to the table;
  • •  How to set initial, attainable benchmarks that reflect the nature of your institution;
  • •  Educating your board and management team as to which indicators must be considered to make educated decisions;
  • •  Understanding current and future risk so you're prepared to manage and leverage it;
  • •  Encouraging management and board participation to ensure ownership and consensus on issues and goals; and
  • •  How to use modeling to ensure your plan is realistic and stays on track.

S&B will provide the necessary tools and facilitation to make your strategic planning process a true reflection of your institution's value as well as a driver of future value.